International photography contest 2020

The contests from 'The World We Live In' are a celebration of life, an open invitation to  people across the globe from all nationalities, beliefs and cultures, to express their views about the world we live in through art and culture.

As the world offers us a time to pause and reflect, we'd like to invite you to share with us your dreams, reflections and what you have learned to value from this experience.

  • Choose one of the following topics and capture it with a photograph.
  • Follow us on our social media accounts and tag 5 friends.
  • Send your photo to us with a title, the topic chosen and a narration.
  • Get a chance to win $4,000 dollars.

This unprecedented time were people have been estranged and social distance has been enforced. People are locked-up at home; but doors were made to open and soon, we will be able to reconnect with our loved ones, travel the world and cherish every experience we dream during this isolation.

Share the photo that represents the feeling of being free once the doors open to the world again.


With so much uncertainty at the moment, this pandemic has brought us closer than ever. Not physically but spiritually we are all in this together.

Share the photo that expresses this solidarity and gratefulness experienced amongst us.

What you value most

Keeping in mind what we've experienced, it has truly made us see what we cherish and value the most. Let's take these lessons learned and be more supportive, humane and respect the world that houses us.

Share the photo that captures what you value most after this outcome.

How it works?

To participate with your photo you have to follow these simple steps:

  • Follow us on our Facebook Page @piedaterretravel, Instagram @piedaterretravel and subscribe to our YouTube Channel @piedaterretravel.
  • Tag 5 of your friends (no brands or fake accounts).
  • Upload the photo, choose a topic (dreams, reflections or what you value most), the title and narration of your photo.

Regardless of the topic chosen, there will be one single winner. We will announce the grand winner on January 28th, 2021. You can participate once with one single photo and topic. Participants acknowledge and accept the T&Cs when submitting their photograph to Pied à Terre, Inc. as it may be used for promotional activities in the future. If the photo includes a person, you may be required to send a signed model release from the person in the photo. Photos must be of your ownership and cannot correspond to a third party totally nor partially. You may not submit a photo that has been submitted to other contests or promotions. Open to all ages however and adult (18+) must submit the photograph as a legal representant. Before the winner is announced, we will review the requirements are followed in social media and the owner is part of the community.

Pied à Terre, Your second home everywhere you go in the world.

Author: Fabiola Kano, Hope Within.
1er lugar, 2018


May 6th, 2020


Open submissions

October 31st, 2020 


Closing date for submissions

January 28th, 2021


The winner will be announced on the Pied à Terre site


1st place$4,000 USD
2ndplace3 nightsat Pied à Terre property
3rdplace1 nightat Pied à Terre property

Verónica Cruz Santiago

El Último Sueño

Third Place Literature

Marcela López Moreno


First Place Literature

Yasil Verónica Reyes Medina

Un pasajero más

Second Place Literature
1st place$4,000 USD
2ndplace3 nightsat Pied à Terre property
3rdplace1 nightat Pied à Terre property

Honorific Mentions

Short Story



Alva Tamayo José Alfredo

Mi Amigo Kalam

Amaro Zilli Ximena

Lugares para soñar

Baldovinos Echeverria Brenda


Calvo Hernández José Alejandro

Viaje Cósmico

Castillo Dueñas Javier

Bandeja de entrada

Espriella Ana

Pata de perro

Flores Mendoza Jorge Esteban

Tren de Montauk

Iregui Atencia Helen

Pasos que tropiezan

López Avendaño José de Jesús

El Poeta no está

Marín Leonardo Fabio


Moreno Castro Iván

El circo

Martinez Ruiz Mar Nicte

Aventuras de Calukmul

Palomares de la Rosa Gerardo

Viaje a la gran ciudad

Rojas Aguilar Pablo Manuel

Un Viaje Nuevo

Ruelas Carrera Ignacio Armando

Un Fin Elevado

Sanabria Giménez Myrian Elizabeth

Las Aventuras de Pablo

Saucedo Dávila Diana Laura

Author: Fabiola Kano
Hope Within
1st Place

Author: Amir Hamja
Rohingya Mother
2nd Place

Author: Veronique de Viguerie
Une terre de belles contradictions ou l'amour triomphe
3rd Place

Author: Don Ferdinand Tabbun
The Challenge
Honorable Mention

Author: Paul Nicklen
Beneath the Bomb
Honorable Mention