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Pied à Terre much more than lodging

Pied à Terre is the result of merging the warmth of a Bed & Breakfast and the quality of traditional hotel services. The result is a unique experience in the Residential Hospitality industry that stands out because it guarantees the Travelers a quality standard and sharing with our Hosts a spirit based on respect to diversity, care for the environment and fostering the art and culture.

The Travelers, who have high expectations in lodging and technology, look for new experiences; the Hosts provide their time and dedication to provide a personalized attention to the Travelers and provide special quality services by sharing the special love they have for their home, neighborhood, city and country.

The spirit behind our logo

Since the pre-Christian Era, voyagers from long ago made pilgrimages on the route signaled by the Milky Way until they reached Finisterre (the end of the Earth) where voyagers saw how the constellations that guided them would sink in the horizon of the Atlantic.

These travelers seeked for illumination and significance in their lives, and when they reached the cliffs next to the sea, they burnt their dresses in an altar that would symbolically mean they were leaving the past behind and embarking on a new life.

Later on, in the Christian Era, this pilgrimage was set in Santiago de Compostela, where it was believed that this apostle was buried. Hence the name “Camino de Santiago” (The Path of Santiago). The pilgrims would then carry a seashell around their neck with which they would drink water from the rivers and receive their food. Through the years, the seashell became a symbol of the pilgrimage and hospitality of the innkeepers that received them with open arms and hearts.

We are a community committed to the environment

At Pied à Terre we are convinced that we are living a crucial moment in which we must assume our responsibility with the environment. We are in search for organizations that are committed to the preservation of the environment, and share our love and respect for The World We Live In. If you have a project or an idea related to these concerns, please contact us at info@piedaterre.world.


The Pied à Terre spirit

We foster a spirit of openness, cordiality and service in every single one of our destinations. All of this with a permanent counseling service that works and provides service 24/7 for travelers and host at the e-mail info@piedaterre.world

The same experience no matter where you are

Our Household Goods consist of a fine collection of items that include: linen, dishware, glassware, and accessories designed for the proper operation of the hospitality that our members provide. Our wish is that any property that you are accommodated in, notwithstanding in what part of the world you are, you will always have the same quality experience.For more information, please contact: fmartinez@piedaterre.world


We created an experience in coordination with our Hosts to maintain a constant flow of travelers in order to obtain the highest level of occupancy in our properties. This way, the Traveler may enjoy up close and personally the different gastronomy, culture and local life.

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