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Pied à Terre products

To purchase any of our products, enter the Boutique tab, register or log in and select the product that suits your needs, then you can pay through Paypal or with your credit card, the charge will be reflected at the moment in your account. Payments through our platform are totally safe.

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Having amenities and a standardization in white creates a positive feeling in the guest, which makes it even more linked to the property where it is staying, feeling safe and protected knowing that the amenities have been designed for its stay and personal use. The amenities are simple but neat products that seek to offer the best to the customer, in this case to the guest and the standardization of whites will give them a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

And it is that this investment has a very positive return in the evaluations that your guests will leave, satisfaction, return, feeling of bond with the property and the travelers of the Pied à Terre community.

Guest satisfaction when they "walk out the door" is an owner's greatest success.

We recommend you keep track of the average number of reservations per month so that you can make an estimate of how many amenities you will require in that period.

You can contact us directly through our "contact us" section to help you make a monthly estimate and improve the volume price. Or write us directly to the following email: boutique@piedaterre.world

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Pied à Terre Amenities

An emblematic differentiator of Pied à Terre is the standardization of inputs. A series of amenities and flagship products that were carefully designed and are a symbol of our identity; which reflects our values, mainly the spirit of service and the protection of the environment.

You will be able to distinguish the fine bed products, our amenities and bathroom whites. Our hotel-type products are soft to the touch and durable. You won't have to compromise on quality with every wash. The blanks were created with the purpose and objective of being constantly exposed to chlorine washing to ensure that they are properly sanitized. Our incredible Pied à Terre amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body cream, with 100% natural ingredients, cruelty free, free of minerals, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. All with the rich and delicious aroma that travelers can enjoy.

To see our products and collections go directly to https://boutique.piedaterre.world/

Online Boutique

To see our products and collections go directly to https://boutique.piedaterre.world/

Inside you can find the variety of products we have for you, select the product, and enter the amount you need, then choose the way you want to pay, shipping method and that's it, in a few days you will receive it at the doors of your house our products.

To see our products and collections go directly to https://boutique.piedaterre.world/

Inside you can find the variety of products and collections that we have for you, these range from bedding products, amenities for your guests, bathroom whites and a series of additional products that will surely interest you.

Sure, we'd love to help you standardize your entire property.

Write to us at the following email: boutique@piedaterre.world

To follow up on your request and offer you our variety of products that have been carefully selected for you.

Our shipments cover the entire Mexican republic, so don't worry, when you make your purchase, a menu of options will appear where you can tell us where you are located and select the shipping method that best suits you.

To purchase our products you can do it directly at the following link:


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Property standardization

You will be able to identify Pied à Terre products in properties around the world. The main objective being to guarantee travelers a warm experience and above all, a safe and hygienic stay.

Entering a room where it smells clean, everything is tidy, the bathrooms are clean and with amenities, the tables are dust-free, the bed well made, the decor is cozy and modern, all of this is important to feel comfortable and positively value a property , but what makes the difference is finding neat white sheets in which to sleep peacefully all night.

Bedding and bathroom linen is unequivocal proof of cleanliness as it can be washed at high temperatures, and allows the use of disinfectants, making the clothes completely sanitized and clean, and this helps guests feel in a protected environment and sure.

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