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Share your home with people all around the world and become part of the Pied à Terre community

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Do you own an apartment, a house or a hotel boutique?

Become a host and earn from  USD $1,800 to $6,500 per month

Discover your potential income

Why should I affiliate my property to Pied à Terre?

Personalized help

Earn a second income free of worries! With our “We Do It For You” program, sharing your property is very easy. We've made sure our associates are available 24/7 to guide you during the entire affiliation process.

Free marketing and advertising campaigns

With Pied à Terre the success is guaranteed! From the moment a property becomes part of the Pied à Terre community our marketing specialists will create an integral campaign both digital (social media and Google Ads) and commercial to assure travelers.

How to become a host Pied à Terre?

1 Sign up

Our Pied á Terre associates will contact and guide you when uploading your property. Sign up here.

2 Classification

A team of experts will verify your property and classify it according to its characteristics by a number of keys.


Once your property is approved, our hospitality director will welcome you with a complimentary Pied à Terre kit.

Discover your potential income

1 and 2 keys
If your property has:
  • Privileged location (near interesting spots)
  • Basic and conditioned accommodations

Earn up to

$1,500 USD per month*
3 and 4 keys
If your property has:
  • Privileged location (near interesting spots)
  • Attractive accommodations
  • Extra amenities (Wifi,TV, heating/air conditioning etc.)

Earn up to

$3,000 USD per month*
5 keys
If your property has:
  • Luxurious and stylish accommodations
  • Exclusive amenities ( swimming pool, spa, gym etc.)
  • Unique experiences, like tours, tastings, etc.
  • Trained staff

Earn up to

$5,000 USD per month*

Do you want to increase your earnings? Contact us! Our Pied à Terre associates will show you how!

*Calculation based on 50% occupancy, the earnings may vary depending on the property.




Become one of our hosts

Join now and receive an exclusive membership to become part of our international exchange program. With this membership, you will be able to travel to properties around the world without any cost.

*Available for properties classified with the same number of keys.

Host protection

Something’s gone wrong? We’ve got your back! In case of an emergency, our Pied à Terre insurance is there to support you.

In every stay our Pied á Terre hosts and travelers enjoy a:

Host Insurance

In case of theft and injuries or damage to the property.

Travelers Insurance

It helps cover the expenses in case of serious medical emergencies during a stay.

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